Plumber: Slide bar shower is a versatile choice

Ed Del Grande
Tribune News Service

Dear Ed: We plan to fix up our basement and want to include a small bathroom. Can you please recommend a shower stall setup that can give versatility to a small space?

— Pat, Maine

Dear Pat: A personal shower is always a good choice. Personal showers not only target-massage body areas, they allow for washing of pets and easy stall cleanup.

Usually, the setup includes a fixed showerhead, a diverter valve and the personal shower with a hanging bracket. But, for smaller stalls I like to install a slide bar shower kit. This all-in-one kit includes just a hand shower, hose and vertical mounting slide bar anchored to the shower wall. An adjustable hanging bracket is mounted on the slide bar as well.

Raise it to use as a standard showerhead, lower for special needs showering or remove it from the bracket to hold in hand.

Even though a slide bar shower has its ups and downs, it’s a versatile, clutter-free choice for any shower.

Master contractor/plumber Ed Del Grande is author of the book “Ed Del Grande’s House Call,” the host of TV and Internet shows, and a LEED green associate. Visit or write