Solutions: Stock your rooms with purpose and comfort

Jeanine Matlow
Special to The Detroit News

Every room should have pieces that provide comfort and convenience, from a place to put your feet to a hook that holds your purse. At the very least, these items should be featured in the areas where you spend the most time or wherever these little helpers make sense.

For instance, I like to have a timekeeper I can see from where I sit in that particular space. That’s why there’s a wall clock above the TV in our living room and a second one in the bedroom to keep me on track.

Task lighting is another essential, like the bedside lamps that make for easy reading at night.

Reading materials are kept in the areas where I am more likely to see them and get to them whenever I can. The TVs in our home, though small, are well-positioned near comfortable seating.

Phone chargers have become a part of everyday life. I rely on one of two placed in the rooms where I spend the most time.

I also like to have a phone by my side, despite the fact that it only seems to ring as soon as I leave the room. Because I’m still a fan of landlines, a cordless phone joins my mobile.

Often it’s the little things in my home that provide daily comfort and ease, from tissue boxes throughout, to a letter opener where I open my mail, and a backscratcher for those hard-to-reach spots.

End tables and trays for my laptop make it easy to shift from one spot to the next whenever I please. There’s also a supply of paper and pens around the house to jot down some notes.

I like a good place to lean, whether it’s my leather desk chair in the living room or the upholstered headboard in the bedroom that comes to the rescue and offers support.

A handful of spare blankets, pillows and throws adds a deluxe touch to any living space, especially during the winter months when the effort to stay cozy and warm is constant.

Hooks come in handy for easy access to jackets and scarves in an entryway, towels and robes in a bathroom or everyday items in the bedroom.

Mirrors also make a great addition to a bedroom or an entry hall and they’re as practical as they are pretty.

A room with a view remains high on my list. Anyone can have one, whether it comes from nature or not. If can be anything from an architectural feature that provides a focal point like a fireplace, to a china cabinet filled with vintage dishes.

Meaningful pieces that speak to you offer a different kind of comfort. For me, this includes a basket made by my neighbor and my daughter’s first piece of pottery from elementary school.

Classic family photos from the past paired with more recent images of your loved ones can bring a smile when you need it most.

Whatever you consider to be essential to your well-being, it helps to surround yourself with pieces that meet your everyday wants and needs.

Jeanine Matlow is a Metro Detroit interior decorator turned freelance writer specializing in stories about interior design. You can reach her at