With spring on the horizon, the time is right to rejuvenate our rooms. Even if you don’t follow the latest trends when making updates, they can let you know what others are doing and inspire you to try something new.

Houzz has identified trends that have been increasing in popularity among their community of homeowners and home professionals by reviewing Houzz data and popular photos on the informative site, and talking to industry leaders in order to determine which home design elements we’re likely to see this year.

Here are a few of the 2018 Houzz Home Design Trend Predictions:

Color seems to be heating up in kitchens. While white remains a classic palette for this high traffic area, homeowners are looking for ways to personalize this hardworking space and make it unique, which is easy to achieve with color. The Houzz community has been incorporating shades like gray and blue into their spaces. In addition, warm wood tones are becoming a popular replacement for painted cabinets, leading to a more sophisticated look.

Rich colors are also making a comeback throughout the home. This is being done through the use of delicious red and warm grays with earthy shades of camel, rust, tobacco, brown-blacks and burnt yellow growing in popularity.

Updated florals are experiencing a revival with botanical references in high-contrast colors, such as black and white, or teal and gold, and oversized blooms.

Concrete accents are popping up in unexpected places, including furniture, decorative accessories, wallcoverings, countertops and tile.

White sinks, along with those made of stainless steel, appear to be on the decline. In their place, more concrete, stone, copper and granite composite sinks in darker hues of gray, bronze or black are being seen among the Houzz community.

In the meantime, trough or bucket sinks are holding strong. These deep, wide and durable styles are great for utilitarian spaces like laundry rooms and kids’ bathrooms. Besides, their rise in popularity complements the predicted ongoing prevalence of pared-down modern farmhouse style.

Vintage lighting is picking up steam thanks to a renewed interest in vintage-style fixtures, like aged-copper pendant lights.

Millwork feature walls and detailing are expanding in different ways. Though shiplap, millwork panels and reclaimed wood boards are often seen in bathrooms and on kitchen islands and fireplaces, these materials are now appearing as feature walls in bedrooms.

Wallpaper-like backsplash adds a unique spin to any space with the latest tile that looks like wood, concrete, resin, fabric and even wallpaper. Home professionals in the Houzz community appreciate the fact that these tiles offer the elaborate patterned look of modern-day wallpapers and are durable enough to wipe down a sponge and some detergent.

Lastly, casual and calm modern bedrooms are on the rise. If you want your private space to be a peaceful retreat, you’ll avoid ornate decor, busy patterns and bright colors. Instead, a pared down, almost minimalist look that incorporates soothing neutrals, soft fabrics and simple, functional pieces follows the same direction the Houzz community is heading.

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