Design Recipes: Colors for an invigorating spring home

Cathy Hobbs
Tribune News Service

Although it may not feel like it in some parts of the country, spring is officially here. The transition to spring not only signals the start of warmer temperatures, but also an opportunity to infuse fresh, invigorating colors into the home. While some colors may automatically come to mind when you think of spring, other colors may surprise you.

Looking for interesting colors to use this spring? Here are some of our top spring color tips.

Use red

Red is one of the most versatile colors. In nature, found anywhere from flowers to birds, red is an ideal color to signal the return of spring.

Citrus colors

When looking for interesting spring colors to pair, you won’t go wrong with yellow and green.

Shades of green

Green is a very clean color and combined tints, tones and shades in a single space can feel crisp and fresh.

Spring colors in unexpected areas

Often these spaces are ignored and may even need more attention.

Go beyond flowers

While flowers are a wonderful way to include elements of spring, accessories and artwork can go a long way in telling a spring color story.

Think chartreuse

Chartreuse is one of those colors that is always on trend. Chartreuse can be paired with dark sophisticated colors like charcoal gray, brown or black. Chartreuse can also be used alone or paired with lighter colors to create a lighter look.

Affordable decor elements

Tired of your same look? Why not add a new table or floor lamp or toss pillows to your space? These are some low-cost decor options:

Paint. Walls don’t have to be white. Whether an accent wall or overall color, painting is a quick, affordable and instant way to add color to your space.

Greenery. Whether trees or plants, greenery can also help to bring an element of spring into the home.

Orange. Orange is one of the more popular colors in home decor. It’s not only a warm and happy color, but it also blends well with other colors.