Spring has officially arrived. But if you are looking to rent your home or investment property, then you are likely already looking to summer. Summer is typically the hottest season for seasonal and vacation rentals, and spring is the ideal time to start to prep your property with the hope of securing top dollar. Here are some suggestions to help your property show its best, while also making the most of your investment dollars.

Check windows and doors. The spring is an ideal time to make sure all doors and windows open and close properly.

Have your HVAC system serviced. From changing filters to making sure everything is operational, heating and cooling systems may need a checkup.

Install a generator. Summer storms can be just as devastating as winter ones, and renters will have little sympathy if they are renting a property in which the power is out.

Deep clean. Often, a property may have undergone little maintenance during off months. So in preparation for the new season, now is the time to allow your rental property to experience a deep scrub.

Change the water in your hot tub. If you have a hot tub, now is the time to drain the water, clean surfaces and refill.

Refresh landscaping. Spring is one of the busiest seasons for those in the garden and landscape business, so you will certainly need to book your professional early.

Make provisions to combat pests and insects. If you have an issue with rodents, insects or unwanted animals, they will soon come out of hibernation. Now may be an ideal time to plan for their return.

Install or replace lighting especially along sidewalks and pathways. While the sun sets later in warmer months, you certainly want to make sure your guests have a clear path, even at night.

Plant a seed and watch it grow. The spring is a splendid time to plant a tree you wish to bloom at your rental property next year.

Have your drinking water tested. This is something many homeowners do annually, along with making sure smoke alarms and carbon dioxide monitors have fresh batteries and are fully functional.

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