Hobbies: Cut clutter with festive place cards

Sandi Genovese
Tribune News Service

I love spring. But I’m less thrilled with spring cleaning. Because I accumulate so much stuff over the course of a year, the room that needs a deep clean is my studio. Somehow I manage to acquire bags of buttons, sacks of ribbons strips and tons and tons of paper scraps. The simplest solution is to plan a few spring projects that help to alleviate all of this craft clutter. My favorite is place cards that pop.

Pick a spring theme like flowers or butterflies (or both). Cut out several pairs of each design from your cache of paper scraps. Cut out one additional shape from ordinary white copy paper and fold it in half. Use the half flower or half butterfly to mark each pair of shapes. With the folded edge of the design as a guide, draw a pencil line down the center of each design, from the top to the middle on one shape and from the bottom to the middle on the matching shape.

Cut along the pencil lines with scissors, then cut again right next to the first cut to create a narrow notch on each design. Combine the two shapes by interlocking the slits and the flowers and butterflies will magically stand up. It’s easy to add details to the designs with colored and white markers. If your intention is to use these dimensional designs to mark the placement of each person at the table, then you need to label each design with the guests’ names. Write the names or use stickers to identify each party attendee.

If you have a birthday or other party planned, these place cards can also be used as displays by placing several along the middle of the table. They look great, they never inhibit conversation by blocking the view of the guests across the table from each other and they can be reused again and again. So get out your paper scraps and scissors and cut them out!

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