Solutions: Go light and bright in bedroom this season

Jeanine Matlow
Special to The Detroit News

In honor of the new season, it’s a fine time to lighten the look of your home, beginning with your bedding, which provides an easy update for your personal space.

“Some people want to shed the down comforter and duvet cover if they have a second floor bedroom that has a tendency of getting hot,” says Steve Coval, owner of Cristions Fine Linen & Down in Birmingham. “They might switch out a duvet cover for a coverlet or matelassé with a light blanket underneath or swap it out for a lighter-weight down comforter.”

Coval believes in quality cotton sheets. Though gray has been gaining popularity, 80 percent of what he sells is white. “Go into any hotel and you’ll see there’s a reason people like white sheets,” he says. “They’re fresh and clean looking. A white bed just feels good.”

It might also be time for a new pillow. “People neglect pillows and they do wear out and get significantly flatter,” he says. “An old, worn-out pillow doesn’t provide proper head and neck support.” Though some suggest replacing them every six months or so, Coval says a good one can be washed to last longer.

Another quick fix come spring is to rotate your comforter, which tends to get the most wear in the upper portion that goes over your shoulders.

Fitted sheets also wear out fast, which is the benefit of selling them separately, says Coval. Since they tend to be thin, a mattress pad protects against the uneven surface found on many mattresses.

When it comes to your bedding, let personal preference be your guide. For instance, some prefer standard pillows even with a king-size bed. As Coval explains, standard pillows are 20 by 26 inches while king size varieties measure 20 by 36 inches. Many people manipulate the pillow and the king can make this more challenging. Luckily, three of the standard size fit perfectly across a king-size bed.

Euro shams add height. “It gives it a more interesting look when you make the bed,” he says. Headboards can be uncomfortable, especially those made from iron or wood. “Euro shams provide a nice layered look and they’re functional. You can lean against them and they give a layer of protection for you and your headboard.”

Another way to make your bed feel extra special is to mimic the turndown service hotels do at night. “It provides a more inviting look,” says Coval.

Lastly, you can introduce a new color palette with the addition of an accent rug beneath your bed like the indoor/outdoor options from Dash & Albert that can also enhance your lounging area on a patio.

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