Mother’s Day is Sunday, which still leaves time to create something special for mom.

Fresh flowers are always an option, but if you create the flowers from paper, your celebration of mom will last forever. So this spring, why not grow a good-looking tribute to mom with a mini-book, embellished with flower stickers, photos of you and mom and a heartfelt message of thanks?

The sticker aisle of any craft store reveals bunches of flower options; just be sure to choose ones that have each flower with its matching, mirror image.

Begin by folding three or four strips of paper in half to form a booklet, trimming each page an eighth of an inch shorter than the previous page to create a booklet with graduated pages.

Place a flower sticker along the edge of each page, with the mirror image sticker on the back, trapping the page between the pair of stickers. Cut a cover that is slightly larger than the folded pages and bind the booklet with ribbon or staples.

Once the booklet is created, it’s fun to embellish the pages with photos (or photocopies) of you and mom, both past and present. Be sure to leave room to include a heartfelt message of thanks and any other notes about the years celebrated in the photos.

Flowers come in virtually every color and can be used to brighten any craft project, and Mother’s Day affords the perfect opportunity to put flower embellishments to good use. Fresh cut flowers make a beautiful bouquet but rarely last a week.

Paper flowers will last forever, and mom will think of you every time she leafs through your handmade creation.

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