Humans are naturally drawn to curves. They represent our own bodies and give us a sense of comfort and security. But people don’t generally think about curves when it comes to pulling a room together.

At the heart of all design are the concepts of space, line, form (derived from line), light, color, texture and pattern. A comfortable and balanced space has a sense of harmony, contrast and unity.

And what form is often lacking? The curve.

If you’re ready to take the plunge or at least think about your spaces in a curvy new way, here are a few ideas to reflect on.

They can be welcoming: Even in a commercial space, curves can make a small office lobby more interesting and friendly. A curved sofa, round chandelier and curved desk soften the hard and grid-like patterned tiled floor and serve as a counterpoint to the drama of the dark walls washed by recessed lights.

When welcoming visitors, whether into a reception area in an office or in our home, people should be able to sit down and feel at ease.

The curving arms of a side chair play off of stripes, and relaxed, slightly metallic window drapes break up a longer wall.

They soothe the senses: Think about using textures and of course, curves, in ways that don’t ordinarily leap into the forefront of your mind.

Soft and hard finishes, grass wallpaper, natural materials and the fun of striped fabric can give a room a “comfy” feel.

Harmonious placement: Use round objects with linear ones. Strong horizontal lines are balanced by curves.

Striking a balance: If you’re planning any construction, consider ways to add some really spectacular curve into your space.

Even wood can be turned from straight to curved.

Surprise the eye: Kitchens are another place where curves can be incorporated but are often overlooked. These are rooms filled with those strong horizontal lines.

Move the eye: If you’ve been lucky enough to inherit some furniture that you actually like and it’s curvy, that can be the springboard for curves in a room.

Unless you live in a yurt, dome or igloo, we all live in square or rectangular boxes. Take form into consideration. Whatever your personal style, instead of sticking with straight line, straight line, straight line, take a look around. Embrace those curves.

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