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Smart Solutions: Technology helps you become a master chef

Jeanine Matlow
Special to The Detroit News


Innit offers a quick way to become versatile in the kitchen.


Some say technology is bringing people back into the kitchen. Just ask Josh Sigel, COO at Innit, the world’s first connected food platform, for a comparison to the cooking habits of the past.

“The 1950s started a revolution in every home. With the introduction of fridges, toasters, and dishwashers, tasks that used to take hours now took minutes and the kitchen went from a workshop of domestic drudgery to a symbol of postwar progress,” he says.

According to Innit (innit.com), 2018 is the year kitchens get smart and bring young people back into the kitchen by making gourmet cooking simple. It might also entice baby boomers and other generations who no longer enjoy the process.

Innit is a centralized hub that connects the eating ecosystem in the kitchen — planning, shopping, prepping and cooking — making it easier for anyone to get back in the kitchen.

“Through its technology platform, app and innovative partnerships, Innit guides users through the entire meal creation process. From the store to the table, it removes the pain points and guides its users to healthier and more personalized choices,” Sigel says.

Innit currently has an app which serves as the entry point to an extensive, cloud-based, culinary ecosystem.

From budding chefs to baby boomers who get tired of the redundant nature of preparing meals, Innit was built to help wherever needed. So, if you already know how to chop onions, you can simply skip that step and move on to the more challenging aspects of putting a meal on the table.

Currently, Innit’s app recommends healthy and personalized meals based on diet, allergies, and dislikes. It also allows users to connect their smart kitchen appliances, to which it sends custom instructions; much like a chef would execute, to ensure optimal cooking and notifications, like when your meal is ready.

Innit has product integration with manufacturers like LG Appliance, GE Appliances, Thermador appliances and Electrolux.

There are a number of ways technology can ease the effort of meal prep and make it more enjoyable for the end user, such as ovens you can talk to through voice assistants that let people give direct instructions, while allowing chefs to focus their hands on the food in front of them.

Then, there’s GPS for the kitchen that talks you through every step of creating a meal. Before GPS, drivers often relied on maps to get around, which can be compared to cookbook recipes that require a lot of back and forth. The same revolution is happening in the kitchen making it easier to concentrate on the work at hand.

Groceries are getting smart, too. While cooking can be fun for some, that’s not always the case for shopping. Smart kitchen technology recommends meals based on your diet and creates a list of ingredients you can order with a click of a button, saving you time and a trip to the grocery store.

So for those looking for a little assistance in the kitchen with planning, shopping, preparing and cooking, technology can be by your side to save the day.


Jeanine Matlow is a Metro Detroit interior decorator turned freelance writer specializing in stories about interior design. You can reach her at jeaninematlow@earthlink.net.