When I was growing up, if you walked into my parents’ home on a weekend, there was a really good chance the TV would be tuned to a golf tournament. Of course they also taped the tournaments so when they returned from playing a round of golf, they could watch more golf on television. So it’s no surprise I would choose golf as the theme for my dad’s Father’s Day card. You might even say it was par for the course. If you want to make a card for your dad this Father’s Day, you will be surprised at how easy this one is to create.

Fold a long strip of paper in half with any number of accordion pleats on either side of middle fold. Create golf flags from narrow strips of white card stock and small colored triangles. Number the flags with white stickers and fasten them into the accordion pleats. Decorate the front and inside cover with a golf ball and a few tees, all cut from paper and handwrite a personal greeting to complete the card.

The beauty of this style of card is how easily it folds flat for mailing, but opens to create a dynamite dimensional display. And if your dad is passionate about a different sport or a different activity altogether, it is easy to substitute the golf flags for items themed to suit his interests.

My dad has been gone for a few years now, but when I was cleaning out his house I found this golf card saved in a drawer in his desk. It made me realize how special it is to make a card for loved ones. If you’re lucky enough to have your dad still with you this Father’s Day, be sure to spend a little extra time creating something that is hand made and heart felt like a beau-tee-ful card to celebrate a very special dad.


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