Just three years after it was designed and installed, Noelle Borgia’s garden in Romeo is bearing fruit. She has the tomato sauce to prove it.

Borgia and her husband, Salvatore, a chef, designed the 15-by-30-foot garden, where they grow tomatoes, pumpkins, even Sicilian Cuguzza squash. Her brother installed the garden in two days.

“We live in an older subdivision on .65 acres and we like to show people that (it) doesn’t take that much room to grown your own organic food,” said Borgia in an email.

Borgia’s photo, “Borgia Garden Romeo MI,” is this week’s winner of the Homestyle Garden Photo contest. She’ll win a free home decor or gardening book.

She’ll also be a finalist to win our grand prize in September, a $200 English Gardens gift card.

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