Design Recipes: Try these 7 tips for affordable artwork

Cathy Hobbs
Tribune News Service

Artwork doesn’t have to be expensive to look expensive. Designers use a number of tricks to create interesting and original artwork without breaking the bank. Here are seven tips for adding artwork to your decor on a budget.

Simple small prints framed in off-the-rack frames create an affordable art solution in this children’s bedroom. (Design Recipes)

1. Mix and match. Whether using frames and prints of different shapes and sizes or placing two mismatched pieces of art side by side, mixing it up can create interest.

2. Consider mirrors. In many instances, mirrors can be an affordable solution. Small mirrors placed in a series or grouping can be a creative and attractive display.

3. Use identical pieces of art to create a diptych or triptych. This is a common design trick of interior designers to create the illusion of art in a series.

4. Use black and white. Black and white are often forgotten colors. If you are looking for a modern and minimal look, consider black-and-white or even all-white artwork.

5. Frame posters, postcards, small prints, or even wrapping paper for colorful art solutions for a children’s room or bathroom.

6. Go frameless. Frameless or gallery wrapped artwork is an affordable alternative.

7. Go DIY. Making your own art can be both affordable and fun. Consider framing treasured mementos or have fun with paint.


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