Plumber: Basic options for kitchen faucet filters

Ed Del Grande
Tribune News Service
All the fixtures in the house can benefit from a whole house water filter, including the kitchen faucet. (Kohler)


Q: Dear Ed: I want to install a water filter, but I’m just looking for the cartridge type. My big concern is to filter water for my kitchen faucet. What simple information can you give me to help understand my filter options?

— Fred, New York state

A: A canister water filter is a type that uses filter cartridges. The cartridge is changed as needed, and a variety of cartridge types are available for different uses.

Basically, you can go in two directions with the filters.

First, a whole house filter is a larger water filter that is cut-in and installed on the main water line of your house. All the fixtures in the house can benefit, including the kitchen faucet.

Option two: You can choose a point-of-use filter for just the kitchen faucet. This is a smaller version of a whole house filter, installed on the cold water line under the kitchen sink.

Final choice is yours, and I hope I cleared up your filter questions.


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