Q: Dear Ed: We want to replace our two-handle bathroom faucet. But, we found the choices for bathroom faucets were overwhelming. Is there some advice you can give us on making our bathroom faucet purchase a little easier?

— Brian, Florida

A: Usually the easiest way to purchase and/or install a new bathroom faucet is to stay with the same type of faucet you already have.

Basically, the two popular bathroom faucet choices are either a two-handle centerset or a widespread faucet. To find your faucet type, simply measure the distance between the center of the faucet handles. A distance of 4 inches between handles indicates the faucet is a centerset type. If the distance between handles is 8 to 16 inches, that falls into the widespread faucet category. Also, centerset faucets are usually one connected compact unit, while widespread faucets may have three separate components.

Bottom line: Find out your existing faucet type and go with the flow toward that direction.


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