Q: Dear Ed: I am remodeling my kitchen and want an old-fashioned open-style kitchen sink with legs. While looking online for more choices I fell in love with a high-end cast-iron utility sink. My question is, can a utility sink be used as a kitchen sink?

— Joan, Tennessee

A: A unique kitchen sink can be the focal point of any kitchen. So, it’s perfectly fine to be creative with your sink choice, as long as the sink is up to code for a kitchen installation.

On the flip side, since finished laundry areas have become popular in many homes, a lot of today’s high-end utility sinks are beautifully designed.

Some of these utility sinks are even referred to as “double-duty” sinks. This simply means the sink can be used for both kitchen and laundry area installations. These sinks can offer classic looks with an open base area and decorative front legs. Also, most double-duty sinks are single bowl sinks perfect for chores or washing dishes.

Bottom line: You can double your kitchen sink options if you look into a double-duty sink.


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