Solutions: Hanging onto summer as fall marches in

Jeanine Matlow
Special to The Detroit News


With summer coming to a close according to the calendar, there are a number of ways to stretch the essence of the season inside your home.

Capture the essence of summer inside your home with a hammock on a stand.

According to a study commissioned by Home Run Inn Pizza, the Top-10 most Googled summer “obsessions” for Michigan were as follows: Hammock, Grill, Sloppy Joes, Kayaking, Corn on the cob, Boats, Moscow Mule recipe, Lightning bugs, Air conditioner and Bocce Ball.

Why not take a cue from some of these items and incorporate them and a few others into the fall and winter months?

For instance, your favorite foods can still be savored beyond the season, such as corn on the cob that takes you back to that summer barbecue.

You can also sip a summer cocktail or some lemonade on one of those hot days that seem to appear out of nowhere in September and October.

Make a few final trips to your local farmers market before it closes for the season to get fresh fruits and vegetables and some fresh air.

Find a spot for your outdoor patio furniture inside your home where you can enjoy casual meals and occasional lounging.

Outdoor games can be played well into the fall and might be even more enjoyable for some in the cooler temps than they would be in the heat and humidity that has been the norm for the past few months.

Keep a basket near your entry filled with Frisbees and beach balls that can be tossed around in the crisp fall air to extend the carefree feel that’s synonymous with summer.

Inject a little yellow into your surroundings for continual sunshine that can warm your spirit and your interiors during the colder months to come.

Display travel trinkets from your summer vacations as a reminder of time spent on the beach or any other outdoor location.

Turn your beach towels into bath towels to extend their usage and your memories of being poolside or at the lake.

Try some nature-inspired décor that might include ceramic birds and colorful prints that feature butterflies.

Add floral arrangements, such as hydrangeas or any other lovely blooms from your garden that can be dried for a longer-lasting bouquet.

Place a tree in a main area of the home like a great room. Whether you prefer real or faux, the color green will give your environment a lift when all the branches are bare beyond your door.

Artwork or wallpaper with a beach theme like a surfing motif can have a calming effect in the midst of winter.

So can that light reading material from your summer list that you can indulge in at a later date.

Or, you might host a movie night with a summer theme that features flicks like “Dirty Dancing” and “The Notebook.”

As for that top-searched item in Michigan, you can set up a hammock with a stand inside your home like the handcrafted macramé style shown from Run Hamock LLC ( based in Interlochen.

There, you can take a nap and reminisce about the lazy days of summer. When you close your eyes, you can go anywhere your heart desires.

Jeanine Matlow is a Metro Detroit interior decorator turned freelance writer specializing in stories about interior design. You can reach her at