Solutions: Technology can cut down on annoyances

Jeanine Matlow
Special to The Detroit News


When it comes to modern-day conveniences, there’s always a new upgrade for the home. Whether you want to tweak existing features, such as lighting, or you’d like some support for all those gadgets in the house, innovative products can make life a little easier while putting some of your pet-peeves to rest.\

Clever nightlights, outlets and chargers are simple touches that add convenience to your rooms.

For instance, if you’re always reminding everyone to turn off the lights, there’s a better solution. With motion sensor lighting from the Legrand adorne Collection, you can save energy while adding a modern touch to any space.

For a more traditional look, there’s the Occupancy Sensor from their radiant Collection. Either one turns the lights on upon your entrance to a room and shuts them off when the space is no longer occupied.

Maybe it’s the lack of light at night that has you losing sleep. Now you can make your trip to the bathroom in the dark a little brighter by installing some unique nightlights around the house.

For those with more traditional taste, there’s a night light from the radiant Collection. Whether you place it in a hallway, kitchen or nursery, this clever device features five adjustable light levels and an optional louver for additional light-level control.

Another option with a more modern design is the nightlight from the adorne Collection that provides a soft glow. With ambient light level sensors, it will only be visible in the dark.

By integrating the Portable Nightlight/Flashlight that can be used as a mobile flashlight, you can better maneuver that middle-of-the-night trip to the bathroom.

If you want to put the lights in your home on timers, you can check out the selection from PRIME that is also available at Lowe’s.

Another domestic dilemma is the phone charger that seems to disappear when you need it. Now you can replace standard outlets with the new wireless charger from Legrand for an instant cord-free and clutter-free way to charge your phones.

Designed to replace any standard outlet in your home with no rewiring required, the charger is compatible with all Qi-certified devices including the Apple iPhone X, Samsung and Google devices.

If you never seem to have enough outlets, that may be because the average family charges up to a dozen devices a day. With connectivity at the core of so many activities, there’s been an increase in demand for convenient charging options.

One way to simultaneously charge your smartphones, tablets and laptops is with the Pop-Out Outlet from Legrand. Featuring three standard receptacles for added power, the outlet maximizes your charging needs. With a simple pop, it can disappear into the wall when not in use. 

Lastly, for those who don’t like to see all those wires around the house, Wiremold (available at Lowe’s) offers cord cover kits to conceal TV cables and cords that help hide those unsightly components associated with electronics and technology.

Since we tend to spend more time inside during the coming months, a few simple tweaks such as these can make our interiors a more convenient and aesthetically pleasing place to be.  

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Jeanine Matlow is a Metro Detroit interior decorator turned freelance writer specializing in stories about interior design. You can reach her at