Home Advisor: Say hello to the hottest incoming trends for 2019

Lauren White

Are you starting the new year with a new project? Why not get an inside scoop on the hottest trends around the corner? Toni Sabatino, the award-winning designer behind Toni Sabatino Style in New York, keeps her finger on the pulse to deliver her clients cutting-edge home interiors. These are her top five trend predictions for 2019.

In 2019, we’ll be mixing more natural-looking materials into our modern designs and hiding our appliances for a cleaner look. (Dreamstime)


As much as we love being able to see our living rooms from our kitchens, the view from the other side isn’t always as attractive. From the couch, the sight of blenders, toasters, refrigerators and dishwashers can disrupt the feel of common areas.

“The open kitchen trend encourages lots of hidden storage and fully integrated appliances for a streamlined look,” Sabatino says. “Tall walls of storage and appliances paired with a large island with seating for prepping and entertaining continue to gain popularity. Cabinet manufacturers are creating sliding and pocket door solutions that hide cooking and sink areas as well.”


Next-level minimal modern spaces will integrate natural elements into simplified rooms.

“I think that simple, clean lines using organic materials is a trend that will stay with us for some time,” Sabatino says. “Wood, stone, iron, matte black and tiles in colors found in nature create a neutral, contemporary look. Accented with industrial-look kitchen furniture and open shelving, this style is sophisticated and family-friendly, as the finishes generally have great durability.”


Smart dishwashers and clothes dryers can already text you when they’re finished, but 2019 is the year that appliances will be even more connected and helpful.

“There are now numerous appliance manufacturers that offer connectivity through your phone or with voice control,” Sabatino says. “This convenience helps you multitask and save time. New smart features also allow for download of recipes and network-enabled diagnostics for service.”


How many times have you been working off of a recipe on your phone in the kitchen, only to have it die mid-stir? Into 2019, we’re getting our long charger cords off of the counters — and away from the splashing sink water. We can now charge wirelessly through our countertops, which helps reduce clutter and inconvenience.

“I think the convenience of wireless, invisible charging stations in kitchen counters will become mainstream,” Sabatino says. “We are never far from our phones, and it seems safer and more convenient to be able to charge wirelessly in the kitchen.”


Convection steam ovens and induction stovetops are growing in popularity as they become more accessible and easier to integrate and use. They make fast, healthy cooking much simpler. And in 2019, we can get closer to achieving our resolutions with the help of better home cooking.

“Steam cooking retains nutrients destroyed by microwave cooking and is also a very efficient way to reheat food without changing the texture,” Sabatino says. “Convection adds the browning option to steam cooking to create healthier, crispier, juicier dishes in less time than a standard oven. Induction is safe and efficient, as the power of magnets is used to generate heat and turns the vessel into the heat source. It sounds complex, but in truth, it’s very simple, easy to operate, and boils water faster than gas. Look for induction to make a major impact for its performance, easy-to-clean surface, ease of use and safety.”


Lauren White is a reporter for HomeAdvisor, an online marketplace connecting homeowners with trusted service professionals to complete home projects. Visit HomeAdvisor.com