Home Advisor: 6 ways to prep for a home wedding

By Jenna Schuster
Getting married at home is a great way to have the low-key wedding of your dreams — but there are some important things to consider. (Dreamstime)

Hosting your wedding at home — whether it’s your own home or that of a family member or friend — is an appealing option. Not only does it cut down on costs, but it also allows for a truly personalized event and an intimate gathering for guests. Of course, this kind of wedding requires some significant prep work on the home front. And the more consideration you give to things like home repairs and extra bathrooms, the less stressful your planning will be. Here are some ways to prepare your house for such a celebration.


If you’re hosting a backyard wedding, the first thing on your list should be landscaping. Hire a landscaping professional to visit your home, identify issues like a sloped yard, uneven ground or unattractive gardening, and come up with solutions. If you’d like your flowers to be in bloom for your nuptials, consult with your pro to find bulbs that bloom in that season. And as the wedding date approaches, turn off your sprinklers a few days ahead of time to avoid muddy ground.


You want your home to be at its absolute best for the big day. So, take the opportunity to hire a handyman and fix what’s broken around the house. Things like creaky doors, chipped paint and dripping faucets not only detract from the beauty of your home, but they’re also some of the easiest and most affordable repairs to make. It could take as little as a day to make these quick upgrades, and they will be well worth addressing before you host guests.


Even a small home wedding will put strain on your electrical system. Most residential systems are built to sustain a single family — not 40 of your closest friends. To avoid a power outage or circuit breaker trip, rent a backup generator for your big day. This way, you can plug in curling irons, hire a DJ and put up extra lights without a hitch. Consider consulting with a professional electrician to make sure everything will go smoothly.


Cleaning is the last thing you want to be doing the week of your wedding. Invest in a cleaning service to take care of the hassle for you, so you can focus on more important things like decorating and coordinating with caterers. Treat yourself and book an additional cleaning for the day after your wedding, so you don’t have to spend your honeymoon scrubbing the floors.


Like your electrical system, your bathroom was probably not built to handle a rush of people. Rent a port-a-potty to spare your plumbing and prevent a long bathroom line. If you’re worried about the look of your portable toilet, spend a little extra and get a cottage-style Pretty Potty. Pretty Potties come in many different styles and offer more amenities than a regular port-a-potty. If you have the resources, you might consider having a half bath installed in your home instead. Your guests will thank you.


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