Dear Ed: We want to gain some bathroom storage and plan to remove our pedestal sink to install a new vanity base and top. In general, what cabinet base size should we consider when replacing an existing sink?

— Tony, Rhode Island

Dear Tony: First, because you’re replacing an existing sink, you may want to choose a simple box vanity without drawers or shelving. Since existing drain and water lines are roughed-in for a pedestal sink, an open base can give you extra room to reconnect the plumbing.

Now for the vanity base size recommendations. When replacing a single wall-hung or pedestal sink, in most cases your choice options will fall in the small to midsize categories.

The key factor is your bathroom size. If you have a tight fit, a smaller vanity base like 24 inches wide may be a good option. For larger family-use bathrooms, a midsize 30- to 36-inch-wide base may be your best fit.

Bottom line: When installing a vanity base and sink, don’t overwhelm or underwhelm the sink area space in your bathroom … size does matter.


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