It’s the details that make a difference in your home, which is why all it takes is some mini makeovers to give your rooms the attention they deserve.  

Check your storage areas for hidden treasures or swap some accent pieces with family and friends. Look inside your linen closets for colorful quilts and throws to liven up your living spaces. Add a few vivid pillows to the mix to perk up a neutral palette or introduce a new hue.

Rework what you already have on display when you get tired of seeing the same old scenery. For instance, you might prop a pretty piece of artwork behind other items in a bookcase as a colorful backdrop for your arrangements.

While you’re at it, you may also want to rearrange your bookcase one shelf at a time. Fill in the blanks with substantial pieces in varied shapes like hatboxes. On the flip side, if your displays are feeling a bit crowded, a little editing can work wonders.

Your mantel may also need a visual lift after all those holiday adornments have been packed away. Add some natural elements in anticipation of spring, like a container of branches and a cute bunny statue or two.

Take advantage of a narrow wall where a hanging magazine rack can corral your important papers and reading materials. Or, fill an empty corner with a popular house plant like a Fiddle-leaf fig tree or a floor easel to hold a family portrait or a plaque with your favorite saying.

Rearrange your furniture. The simple shift of a table or chair can make people think you bought something new. Sprinkle some antique and vintage pieces around to add character to your surroundings.

Challenge the original purpose of a classic like a candleholder that can be filled with artificial boxwood balls for a plant effect.  

Stack like items together for more impact than having them scattered about. For example, a collection of cigar boxes or lidded baskets make a statement in any setting.

Gather serving pieces from your cabinets and turn them into organizers or displays. A bread basket can hold your mail while a cake stand can showcase a collection of seashells or wine corks.

Fill a traditional urn with some candy for a creative centerpiece and make some smaller floral arrangements in juice glasses or espresso cups to awaken any space. Divide a bouquet into sections to spread the joy around the house.

Drape a scarf with an attractive pattern over a side table for a colorful touch. Wrap a piece of fabric around a canvas for instant art or create a series by framing single sheets of giftwrap paper to awaken your walls.  

Seasonal pieces with a purpose like an umbrella stand or a garden stool make a great addition to an entryway, while a photo collage on a corkboard can greet you every day with familiar faces and places.  

Make sure to take some time to enjoy your creative efforts. You might be so impressed with your progress that you spend 10 minutes per day making regular updates to your spaces.

Jeanine Matlow is a Metro Detroit interior decorator turned freelance writer specializing in stories about interior design. You can reach her at



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