Style at Home: Ideas for your tabletop design

By Katie Laughridge
Tribune News Service
Don’t be afraid to add fixtures such as individual honey pots or a fun pitcher to a table.

Creating a tablescape is no easy feat. With all the options in material, size, color and on and on, it’s easy to get lost in the process. I know how blessed I am to have an amazing team beside me to help design fabulous tablescapes. I hope this inspires you to step outside of your comfort zone and take your tabletop to the next level.


You can never go wrong with a classic blue and white tablescape. Blue and white is a traditional and timeless look that can be adjusted for any season. Green topiaries add a touch of freshness and height to draw the eye upwards (and towards your no-doubt gorgeous centerpiece).

Bring the picnic indoors with red hues and checked patterns for a whimsical take on dinner.


This tomato-centric setup brings to memory hot hazy days in August when the garden is bursting with goodies. The layers of color and patterns make for a fun, festive and surprisingly complex-looking setting. Reminiscent of a summer picnic setup with accents of red buffalo check, this look is sure to be a showstopper at your next seasonal gathering.


A little behind the scenes information on this fabulous setting: We could NOT find the perfect tablecloth to complement the delicate and regal pink rose settings. Luckily, one of our amazing fabric magicians upstairs found the gorgeous palm leaf print and was able to create this masterpiece. I love the juxtaposition between the elegant gold accents with the whimsy of the Dana Gibson ginger jar and fun red chairs. Mixing together different styles creates a relaxed setting that still has all the glamour and sophistication you would want at a tea party.

Jumping on the yellow trend, this citrus-inspired setting brings a breath of fresh air into any room. Bring natural elements in with faux lemon branches to add another level of design. (Handout)


Fresh, juicy and bright — this is one of my favorite summer settings. Yellow is on trend and it is the perfect time to start collecting your favorite hue. Our team was inspired for this setting by the beauty of lemon trees, which are an enduring symbol for freshness and healing. This tablescape is a breath of fresh air for any space.


Antique dishes are a beautiful addition to any table. These place settings featuring flowers in warm hues of yellow, red and orange are great transitional pieces that look amazing in spring, summer and fall. We added spring accents like the adorable frog pitcher and individual honey pots at each setting to add even more personality and texture to the design.

Mixing vintage pieces with modern design elements makes for a complex and intriguing tabletop display. The classic rose and gold plays off the whimsy of the red chairs and palm leaf cloth for a fun and fancy tea party theme. (Handout)


Here in the Midwest we love lake time. The sound of water against the dock and a light breeze blowing back your hair — that’s the inspiration behind this beautiful setting. Elegant outdoors is an aesthetic all its own. The woodsy tones, wildlife accents and natural elements bring a refined rustic feel to the tablescape that guests will enjoy.


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