Style at Home: Meet artist Jan Fellers

By Katie Laughridge
Tribune News Service
Kansas City, Mo., artist Jan Fellers enjoys the sunshine while painting outside her studio. This piece is called "Marmalade Sky."

The other week I had the pleasure of visiting Kansas City, Mo., artist Jan Fellers in her beautiful studio. She is a treat, and so is Dave, her hugely supportive husband. They welcomed me into their home and studio space with coffee, pastries and some of the best fresh-squeezed orange juice. Enough about the breakfast spread, though. The art was the real show-stopper. I learned so much about Jan and her work — I can’t wait to share it with you all.

Jan has always had a passion for art. As a child, viewing and creating art is what she loved most. Later in life, she had the opportunity to travel with her husband and two daughters to beautiful locations around the world. She has been to 46 countries. Her art features scenes from Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and North America. While traveling to these far-off locations she photographs landscapes, historic buildings and views that are a dream come to life. Her love of home in Kansas City, is also heavily featured in her Country Club Plaza series, which captures the beauty and history in her own backyard.

Beyond travel, Jan is also heavily influenced by music. In fact, almost all her paintings are named after songs. It was a delight to hear all about the different titles and the songs that inspired them (some of which I knew, some I now must add to my playlist). Jan even played music for us as we wandered around the space. I have to say, it certainly adds energy and emotion, which you can see in her work.

Varying the sizes of artwork and the height at which they are hung is a great way to draw the eye across a space. This bouquet painting is at the perfect height for relaxing at the nearby table.

One of the many interesting tidbits I learned during our time together is Jan doesn’t limit herself to one medium. While much of her work is done with oil paints, she also dabbles in mixed medium pieces and has just begun using resin to add another layer of dimension to her creations. From landscapes to contemporary and abstract pieces, she has something for all art lovers.


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