Smart Solutions: What's hot this summer -- and beyond

Jeanine Matlow
Special to The Detroit News
Like other summer trends, black and white décor features a classic blend that transcends the season.

As the weather starts to heat up, so do some of the latest developments for the home. When asked about the hottest summer trends, Jackie Schwartz, owner of Home Interior Warehouse in Walled Lake and Plymouth, says many of the current selections are here to stay. “Gone are the days of what’s new. Trends are really transcending the season,” she says.

A vivid hue can enhance your home. “Think bright saturated colors if you’re a color person, like an accent wall in a strong blue or green. Blue is such a soothing color,” says Schwartz who sees green emerging for fall and she likes the two shown together.

“Black and white is great for summer, too, but it’s timeless,” she adds. “Think about a white sofa now that we have performance fabrics.”

Schwartz has seen a rise in contemporary styles. Even if you have a more traditional look, you can pick one piece of modern furniture like a chair to freshen up your interiors.  

Casual comfort remains a priority, which may be why lounge seating has been a hot option for the home, like a sectional you can sink into and put your feet on, Schwartz says.   

Permanent botanicals are making a comeback, such as succulents and wall planters. “People are looking for nature in the home with floor plants like palms and yuccas in gorgeous planters,” she adds.

There’s also been a strong focus on gold mixed with other metals. “It’s warm and exciting and fresh,” says Schwartz.

Another classic trend features accent furniture with acrylic legs, such as tables, chairs and benches. Acrylic details can also be found on accessories like lamps.

Oversized artwork that makes a statement has become more dominant in home décor. “Don’t be afraid to take up your whole wall,” says Schwartz. “Your room doesn’t have to be huge to have a big piece of art.”

Mirrors are another mainstay, ranging from more ornate styles to those featuring modern and minimalist frames.

Chandeliers are a popular option in the lighting category. “Think of a light fixture as a piece of art for your home,” says Schwartz. “They should be functional and coordinate with your space, but a chandelier can go in a great room.”

When it comes to accent pieces that add a personal touch, hearts are a classic and they’re coming on strong. Modern shapes in silver and gold and figurative sculptures with hearts are among the current selections.   

Outdoor furniture continues to follow indoor furniture with a wide array of fabric selections and the latest technology. “Indoor/outdoor rugs really can bring your indoor look outside,” she says. 

Organic elements offer another way to blur the lines between indoors and out, from a centerpiece that looks like a tree branch enhanced with cups for fresh flowers or candles, to a console table with a branch-inspired base.

Lastly, live edge dining tables, desks and accent tables are among the other nature-like styles that are destined to stick around. As Schwartz says, “It’s all about timeless design.”

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