'"Edwardian Style"' in the city' is this week's winner

The Detroit News
Jac Blanco's "'Edwardian Style' in the city " is this week's winner.

To describe the picturesque garden that takes shape in  front of Jac Blanco's 1921 home in Detroit, he quotes British writer Henry Avray Tipping in his submission to the Homestyle Garden Photo Contest.

"'Let there be some formalism about the house to carry on the geometric lines and enclosed architecture - but let us step shortly from that into wood and wild garden,'" Tipping once said.

Blanco's lovely photo, "'Edwardian Style' in the City," is this week's winner of the Homestyle Garden Photo Contest. He wins a free gardening book. He'll also be a finalist for our grand prize at the end of the summer, a $200 gift card to English Gardens.

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