Smart Solutions: Borrow from the fashion world for your home decor

The Detroit News
A wall of hooks can create a rotating display of tote bags and other fashion accessories like scarves.

Fashion and home decor can go hand in hand, especially when you combine the two inside your house. Take some time at the tail end of summer to incorporate a few wardrobe staples and other items into your rooms.

There are endless ways to add fashion to your interiors. Two of my favorites happen to be dress forms and valet stands that can hold your outfit for the next day or show a keepsake from your travels, such as a kimono for you to admire on a regular basis.

Classic footwear, from ballet slippers to cowboy boots, make a fashion statement wherever they stay while telling a compelling story from the wear and tear that appears through the years.

Grouping like items together packs a visual punch, such as installing a series of hooks for your hoodies or filling a garment rack with special occasion dresses in a spare room.

A coat rack in a child’s room can hold Halloween costumes and other pieces intended for play. Once their baby shoes no longer fit, you can stash them in a basket for a sentimental vignette.

Embellish a standard lampshade with a series of earrings. Stick to a theme like classic cameos for a cohesive look or mix vintage styles for a visual twist.

Seasonal pins add an element of surprise to your holiday decorating when you secure them to pillows, corkboards and more.

Hang an ornate necklace from a doorknob for a decorative touch. If kids and pets are a concern, go with a higher source, such as a hook.

Even a wall-mounted faux trophy, such as a ceramic animal head can don a scarf or some colorful Mardi Gras beads for a touch of whimsy.

The same goes for statues, whether you prefer traditional busts or other creatures, these pieces take on a different personality when they don sunglasses and hats. Smaller styles, like a porcelain dog, can wear a bracelet to mimic a collar.

Wood artist models can be posed to hold bangles and rings for a charming arrangement that lets you grab your favorite baubles on your way out the door.

Scarves with playful patterns, such as polka dots, take side tables and stools to another level. Drape seasonal styles along the backs of chairs instead of stashing them away for the winter.

Hats can act as three-dimensional art when hung on a wall or a hall tree that can also highlight your handbags that are too pretty to hide.

When entertaining, place a glass vase filled with flowers inside a shoe for a centerpiece that stands out from the crowd. Even plastic rings from a local dollar store can elevate your table. Turn them into napkin holders for a casual gathering like a child's birthday celebration.

Shadowboxes that come in a variety of sizes and shapes accommodate mementos, like college rings and graduation caps that mark your achievements.

Even your kitchen can capture your passion for fashion with a collection of vintage aprons that hang from hooks. Go ahead and rummage through your closets and drawers for some wearables that add character wherever they go.

Jeanine Matlow is a Metro Detroit interior decorator turned freelance writer specializing in stories about interior design. You can reach her at