Design Recipes: 10 hot decor trends for fall

By Cathy Hobbs
Tribune News Service
Bold brass statement pieces.

 Every so often the furniture industry rolls out the red carpet and rolls in their new lines for a new season. The Las Vegas Market, dedicated to the home furnishings industry, held one of its twice-a-year market shows in July. Unveiled were some of the hot new trends you will likely see translated and interpreted in home decor this fall.

Looking for some ideas? Here are 10 hot trends that caught our eye!

1. Inlay. We spotted a number of pieces that were adorned with more than one material or finish.

2. Wood and organic furniture. From wood accessories to furniture with wood elements such as arms or legs, wood and natural elements remain on trend.

3. Hygge elements. Hygge elements help make a space feel ultra warm and cozy. From throws to sumptuous pillows and candles, we spotted a lot of hygge-focused accessories.

4. Brass. Brass came in with a bang roughly a decade ago and remains one of the hottest finishes in home decor.

5. Pastels. Whether as colors that are soft and muted in a piece of art or as an accent piece, pastels such as pink, lavender, green and even soft yellow remain on trend.

6. Mid-century modern furniture. These pieces never grow tired and continue to grace the new collections of home furnishing companies.

7. Accent walls. We spotted this painting technique used to accent many of the showrooms. In your home, adding an accent wall can help ensure your artwork and furniture pops.

8. Interesting shaped mirrors. Whether round, square or rectangle, and made from brass or chrome, mirrors that make a statement remain a relevant design trend.

9. Concrete. From coffee tables to accent tables and tabletops, we spotted a number of pieces with an industrial edge.

10. Throwback pieces. From art deco to vintage, we loved seeing a number of throwback pieces that are still relevant and timeless.

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