Style at Home: Wallpaper, the great comeback of 2019

By Katie Laughridge
Tribune News Service
Classic prints have been revamped and are looking better than ever.

It is true what they say: If you wait long enough, old trends will make their way back into fashion (unless we are talking about shag carpet, in which case that can stay in the past!). One of my favorite comebacks of the last few years is wallpaper.

Wallpaper is a style destined to come around again and again. Not only is it functional and beautiful, it also has a certain nostalgia that keeps us coming back to it. I love hearing about renovations where homeowners find layer after layer of wallpaper when working on the walls. They help tell the story of the home in a way few other elements can. Wallpaper and wall coverings in general are back in full force and are still a versatile, impactful way to dress up your home.

When venturing into the colorful world that is wallpaper, remember: Fashion is something anyone can acquire; style is what you do with it. Wallpaper is the perfect element to make your space unique, which after years of stark white and neutrals being the go-to trend, is something my fellow modern traditional enthusiasts and I welcome back with open arms. If you find the idea of adding wall coverings to your space a bit overwhelming, you’re not alone.

Begin by thinking about what you want to accomplish with your wallpaper. Do you want to add whimsy to your space? Perhaps texture is something you are missing? Or you need a pop of print and color to take your room to the next level? All things are possible with the styles of wallpaper available today.

While I am still a sucker for classic prints, I also find myself intrigued by the bold and beautiful prints of 2019. That’s why we tend to gravitate toward wallcoverings from Schumacher and Thibaut. Not only do they have timeless designs from all the way back in the 1920s golden age, they also have brilliantly designed styles that capture the personality and color of the modern age. They have taken antique florals and turned them into vibrant tropical scenes that are true works of art.

Small spaces like bathrooms and hallways are the perfect place for a pop of print.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with wallpaper in smaller spaces, like bathrooms and hallways. These are areas without a lot of square footage for decor and can sometimes be difficult places to dress up. Wallpaper changes all of that. The right print can bring life and energy in a way that traditional paint just can’t.

Another trend we’re loving is the statement ceiling. Using wallpaper on the ceiling might seem a bit over the top, but the right pattern can add texture.

Whether you decide to branch out and try a statement ceiling or do a whole room, the most fun is finding the perfect print and making it your own.

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