When Henry Ford Health System CEO Wright Lassiter and his wife, Cathy, moved to Metro Detroit from Oakland, California, in 2015, they entertained  a small group of new Detroit friends and four couples from Oakland during the Detroit International Jazz Festival. Since then, that intimate gathering has grown into an annual lavish event at the Lassiter's majestic Bloomfield Hills estate, this year, with more than 30 out-of-town guests and more than 100 Metro Detroiters, including KC and Ashley Crain, Ethan and Gretchen Davidson, Marvin and Maxine Beatty, Greg and Donna Kelser, and Al and Faye Nelson. Guests were given the full run of the art-filled home, as superb jazz filled the air with live performances by the Kris Johnson Quartet. Fernando Melendez and his crack team from Forte Belanger perfectly prepared and served the tasty meal that included everything from sushi to tenderloin. Wright and Cathy did a coordinated costume change halfway through the party. Turns out it was a private joke between Wright and party guest, James Jackson, a hospital administrator from California. The two always compete in the men's shoe game. "Wright decided to hit James with the 'double whammy' by including me and a change of clothes and shoes," explains Cathy. "This party gets bigger and better and crazier each year. Wait until next year."

Hanging in the D with Flava Flav, Big Sean and more

Ask entertainment manager/producer/promoter Mickey Eckstein what he's been up to lately, and you'd think he was talking about hanging out in Hollywood, or at least New York. But, nope. Right here in Detroit in the last few weeks, Mickey (who is known to run with Kid Rock, Trick Trick and even Eminem) had dinner at the Greek in Greektown with Ceelo Green and the Goodie Mob; caught up backstage at the Aretha Franklin Amphitheatre with rapper Juvenile; went bowling in Mt. Clemens with clock-wearing hype man, Flava Flav and DJ Godfather, and on the same night, more bowling at The Garden Bowl with Big Sean. "Flava Flav wanted to meet Big Sean and Big Sean was hosting a bowling party that night, so I brought Flav along. They seemed to really enjoy meeting each other." Who knew that hip-hop stars were hanging out in The D like this? Who are hanging with next week, Mickey?

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