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Style at Home: Transitioning your home after the holidays

By Katie Laughridge
Tribune News Service
Mantels are the perfect place to start introducing a new season.

January can be a confusing time of year for decor. We are past the major winter holidays and have taken down our show-stopping trees and merry mantels, leaving some bare spaces in our homes that need to be filled.

This time of transition is when I choose to look forward into the glory of spring. It might be wishful thinking, since we have a few months of cold weather ahead of us, but I find that slowly adding spring decor to my home gives me warmth and cheer despite the outdoor conditions. In the shop we do the same. We have already begun to switch from Christmas cheer to pring splendor, starting with our mantels, tables and pillows.

For our mantels, we keep it simple this time of year. Why not give them a breather after being buried under all that Christmas decor for so long? We love adding ginger jars and fresh spring stems to breathe a bit of new life and color to our fireplaces. This also leaves plenty of space for adding more accents as the season progresses.

No need for a huge change in tabletop from season to season.

With our tabletops, we take things a little more slowly. In fact, we still use a number of the same wintry, holiday elements while adding fresh new textures to bring them into the new season. We freshen up our plaids with bright coral accents and soft green textiles and trade out our pine wreaths for boxwoods to bring in the spring. Something as easy as a simple tablecloth change can completely change your table.

One staple — or a faithful foot soldier, as Mary Carol Garrity would call them — that makes a huge difference when changing seasons is the throw pillow. There are so many options! You can use them to bring in floral accents or brighter colors and even more natural textures. By slipping a few new shams onto your pillows, you can seamlessly go from winter wonderland to spring.

Adapted from nellhills.com. Katie Laughridge is the owner of Kansas City interior design destination Nell Hill’s. For more information, contact Katie at info@nellhills.com.