Though spring may not be in the air quite yet, it’s right around the corner according to the calendar. For now, the latest home trends offer a glimmer of hope that the tangible transition will happen sooner rather than later.

Until then, you can seek a temporary escape from the cold with the colorful selections and characters emerging in spring décor, such as the gnomes that seem to be making a comeback this season. I even spotted a statue of a gnome couple at T.J. Maxx that got my attention. There were also some tall plush varieties intended for indoor use.

Floral patterns are now in bloom, popping up on upholstered pieces and pillows, artistic prints and more. Their enduring appeal seems especially fitting at this time of year when they complement the live varieties outside.

In fact, nature makes its way back into our hearts and our homes in abundance when the lines are blurred between indoor and outdoor spaces. Even garden décor seems more varied with an array of styles that go from classic forms like orbs to stones engraved with funny sayings like: I tried, but it died.

On the color front, soothing pastels are becoming more prevalent just in time for the arrival of the multihued season. Contrasting colors and materials are also making their mark in ways that are stark as well as more subtle, from dramatic black and white pairings to objects that blend metal and wood.

Color and comfort go hand in hand in the latest patio furniture pieces with seating, cushions and pillows that feature a rainbow of shades. Even the outdoor umbrellas are more vibrant this season.

Creatures typically found outside can adorn your home and garden in the form of elaborate statues that include turtles, owls and snails.

Though natural materials like wicker and rattan are considered classic and timeless, they have gained popularity in recent months. Accent pieces from the Egg Chair and the plant stands at Target to the Crawford Baskets at Ballard Designs lend a casual air to any environment.

Also at retailers like Target, delightful details await with shapely end tables and pillows embellished with pompoms. 

Mosaic tile accessories are currently appearing in vivid hues like blue that add color and texture in spades along with the shimmery finishes that are trending this season. Mirrored styles bring a little bling to neutral palettes.

Greenery awakens your interiors and completes a room whether you prefer real houseplants or the faux varieties that have become more convincing over the years.

Some classic accents have returned with a modern twist like the colorful ceramic Chinese lanterns I saw at Farmer John’s Home and Garden that strike a cheerful note wherever they go. I treated myself to one of their planters that feature sayings like: Water Me and I Will Survive.

As long as the snow continues to fall, you can lighten the look and the mood in your rooms with the notion that before long you’ll be able to stretch your efforts outside.

Jeanine Matlow is a Metro Detroit interior decorator turned freelance writer specializing in stories about interior design. You can reach her at

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