Welcome Mat: Daffodils4Detroit sales help planting project

Jeanine Matlow
Special to The Detroit News
Laurie Tennent created this tray.

Daffodils4Detroit sales help planting project

When Daffodils4Detroit set out to plant 700,000 of these colorful blooms on Belle Isle (one for every resident of the city) that goal was reached in 2018. Their new mission to reach 4 million plantings (one for every resident of Metro Detroit) will expand into the surrounding area. Though the annual Daffodil Day Luncheon fundraiser has been canceled, you can still add the bright yellow blooms that symbolize hope and rebirth to your home. Featured artist Laurie Tennent, a Birmingham-based photographer known for her botanical images, features these trays ($85 each) and other items to support the cause. A substantial portion of the sales will be donated to this project of the Woman’s National Farm & Garden Association, Michigan Division. For information, go to

Battling dust mites at home

With dust mites said to be a major cause of allergies, sheltering in place can further aggravate the situation. Raycop's hand-held UV allergen vacuum, the RN, includes a four-stage filtration system incorporating a high-efficiency particulate air filter, UVC ultraviolet light, optimized suction and a dual-motor brush head. The RN ($229.95) utilizes RayClean Technology to remove 99.9% of bacteria and viruses from fabrics. It also deactivates the DNA in dust mite eggs so they can’t hatch. “Dust mites are harmful when inhaled since they irritate nasal passages and respiratory tracts. Cleaning with a UVC light and HEPA vacuum such as RAYCOP allergen vacuums can help relieve your dust mite allergies,” said Raycop founder and immunologist Dr. Michael Lee in a press release. He also suggests washing blankets and bedding in hot water weekly, using allergy and dust-proof covers on mattresses, box springs and pillows and cleaning and/or replacing filters on in-home air systems regularly. For information, go to

Mixtiles can go anywhere.

Mixtiles will add new life to any  room

Though social distancing may not be easy, simple home improvement projects can boost your mood and your immediate surroundings. Refresh your rooms with Mixtiles, an app that lets you turn your phone pics into 8” by 8” photo tiles that stick and re-stick to your walls without damage or nails thanks to a special adhesive that doesn’t leave marks. This creative art form makes Instagram come to life with images that are affordable and easy to display. The prints cost $13 each and shipping is free. For information, go to

Decorative Raku-Fired Frog

Shop online at Dancing Eye Gallery

Until Dancing Eye Gallery can open its doors again, the unique gift shop in Northville continues to offer online shopping for handmade wares from local artists and more. Send a small token to a loved one celebrating a major milestone in solitude or someone you simply miss seeing all the time. This Decorative Raku-Fired Frog ($24) can hold a sponge to make all that dishwashing during the stay-at-home order more tolerable. It can also corral your office supplies. Other pieces with a purpose include bookmarks, nightlights and salt and pepper shakers. For information, go to

Zip to Zip Moving of Kearny, NJ.  HireAHelper

Hire a Helper assists those moving

Though the current pandemic makes relocation more challenging right now, some people have to move at this time. With this in mind,, an online marketplace of moving companies, compiled a resource guide for moving in the midst of the coronavirus crisis to help with the process. Suggestions include acquiring new boxes (Covid-19 can live on cardboard for 24 hours) and understanding your leasing rights (the laws for each state are on their site). If you must hire professionals, check the safety principles like why shipping containers may be a good option. You can also check the CDC recommendations for deep cleaning. For information, go to