Welcome Mat: Be in the know on recycling

Jeanine Matlow
Special to The Detroit News

Be in the know on recycling

Because more time at home leads to excess curbside trash each week, it’s important to remember the rules of recycling. The Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE) wants you to know it before you throw it, which is why they’re considered a valuable resource for Michigan residents to recycle more efficiently. Make sure to rinse and empty all plastic, glass and metal containers. You should also flatten all cardboard and don’t put recyclables in plastic bags. For information, go to

You can shop for Hagopian rugs online.

Shop for rugs at home with Hagopian

Hagopian showrooms may be closed for now, but the family-owned business offers online shopping with no contact delivery from UPS. You can also save 20 percent on Oriental Weaver rugs through May 10. The high contrast rug shown is part of the Georgia Collection. With patterns from distressed traditional and modern country to Scandinavian and a touch of southwest, this machine-made collection blends vintage and modern. This black and white plaid comes in a variety of sizes (the sale price for a 5’ by 8’ is around $160). For information, go to

Aubert & Amandine candle

Let Mom relax with aromatherapy candles

With Mother’s Day around the corner and limited shopping opportunities at the moment, you can still get Aubert & Amandine’s Scented Aromatherapy Candles sold exclusively on Amazon. Ship one directly to mom so she knows you’re thinking of her. Made with natural ingredients, the candles come in a variety of scents. With names like Calm, Relax and Peace, they’re the perfect gift to pamper that special lady in your life. They are priced at around $25 each. For information, go to

Trex LightHub can be installed on all kinds of decks.

See the light with  Trex Outdoor Lighting 

Lighting is essential in an outdoor space after dark and you can try a variety of types for your backyard oasis. Decorative candles create a soft glow, while tiki torches evoke a tropical paradise along pathways or the perimeter of your property. String lights strike a festive note and landscape lighting adds warmth. Lastly, deck lighting illuminates your space at night. With the Trex LightHub installation system, the fixtures can easily be installed in a new or existing deck. Each component comes with both male and female ends that make assembly a snap – literally – without the hassle of traditional wiring. Components range from around $17 to over $200. For information, go to

First Saturday Lime is an insect repellant

Fight pests with First Saturday Lime

Fresh off a successful appearance on Shark Tank, First Saturday Lime offers a pesticide alternative for your garden. Unlike traditional lime, this insect repellent is said to be safe enough for use around kids, pets and ponds. With a monthly application (like the first Saturday), it’s strong enough to dry up insects and their eggs and larvae, while destroying odors and odor-causing bacteria. While other products are caustic or poisonous to people and animals, FSL is considered to be safe when used properly because it is insoluble and will not react with skin or moisture. Prices start at around $20. For information, go to