Summer is here at last, and with it often comes the urge to hit the road. Collector Sue Schuldeis has long loved visiting Niagara Falls, and has the collection to prove it. The Canadian border might not open until the end of June, and travel has become more complicated (and maybe more satisfying) due to the coronavirus, but in the meantime we can satisfy our itch to revisit favorite getaways through vintage souvenirs.  As part of an ongoing series spotlighting local collectors, we recently caught up with Sue to find out more about her collection and why she chose it.

What do you collect and why?

My collection includes vintage Niagara Falls memorabilia from the USA and Canada.

What appeals to you about them?

I grew up in western New York and we visited Niagara Falls as a family (with parents and grandparents) several times as a day trip since we were a large family and overnight trips were too much. I also went with school field trips, and later with boyfriends, and then with my husband.

When did you start collecting?

I started collecting about seven years ago because of my neighbor's collection which brought back great memories. (She always got her collection out for the 4th of July). 

What has been your best find/deal? Other standouts?

My best find was the manual calendar which I try to keep up to date. Other standouts are the fan (which I placed in a frame), one item is signed with the date to a family member, and when I had “stopped” buying anymore I found a teapot.

Most/least you have paid?

 I have paid $2- $25 (Don't tell my husband). 

Dream finds?

My dream is to find a cigar canister like I once saw while doing home care in a client's home. 

What can’t you resist?

 I can't resist odd or unusual items -- I have stopped collecting any more plates or cups.

How do you display them?

I display most of the collection in my Hoosier cabinet and bookcase. I have a few plates on a rack in the kitchen. 

Do you collect anything else?

My other collection is Lefton Holly Glass. I put that out at Christmas and store the Niagara Falls collection during Christmas. 

Where do you find your treasures?

I have found all them at estate sales in the Metro Detroit area.  

Advice for other collectors?

My advice to other collectors is to keep track and move your pieces around every once in a while so you know what you have and don't waste your money on duplicates. 

Interested in seeing your collection in our pages? If so, send a paragraph about your collection and what appeals to you about it along with a few photos of you with items in your collection to  If chosen, we will be in touch.

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