Welcome Mat: Artwork sales benefit Detroit's University Prep Schools, students

Jeanine Matlow
Special to The Detroit News
"Inside Out"

Artwork sales benefit Detroit's University Prep Schools, students

When their annual event was canceled because COVID-19, teachers and students at Detroit's University Prep Schools (U Prep) created an online platform to showcase the work of University Prep Art & Design Middle School and High School students. The website lets them sell prints (museum quality posters) in addition to originals with most pieces priced from $20 to $50. A portion of the profits go toward the students that made the art and the rest goes toward materials and equipment for the art department. Since the site went live at the end of May, more than $4,000 worth of artwork has been sold. For information, go to nightofthearts.com.

Virgil’s Zero Sugar Soda.

Party pack for the socially distanced soiree

Since summer traditions look a little different with social distancing guidelines, Virgil’s natural, handcrafted and zero sugar sodas helps consumers welcome the season safely. The popular brand launched a limited edition Summer Squad Party Pack to support social distancing, including a collection of 10 colorful numbered koozies to encourage responsibly fun gatherings. Because sharing is not encouraged right now, the party pack also includes 10 cans of Virgil’s Zero Sugar Soda. For backyard barbecues and more, the party pack (available online for $14.99) makes it easier to stay mindful during summer celebrations. For information, go to virgils.com.

Mosquito Dunk

Battling mosquitoes, with a bit of help

According to mosquito expert Joe Conlon, technical advisor for the American Mosquito Control Association (AMCA), wherever there is moisture there will be mosquitoes. “Some species of mosquitoes can lay eggs in as little as a bottle cap full of water,” said Jonathan Cohen, mosquito control expert and president of Summit Responsible Solutions in a press release. “That’s why homeowners need to be vigilant in eliminating places where water can collect and stand in their yards and gardens.” Some products like Mosquito Dunks with BTI kill mosquito larvae, but are considered harmless to people, pets, fish, wildlife and beneficial insects. Wherever small amounts of water collect, Mosquito Bits can kill mosquito larvae. To kill adult mosquitoes, try a permethrin-based insecticide like Summit Mosquito and Gnat Barrier. These products are available at select retailers and online. For more information, go to summitresponsiblesolutions.com.

The Henry Ford Museum

 The Henry Ford Museum open for reservations

Following a temporary closure to prevent the spread of COVID-19, tickets for the Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation and Greenfield Village are now available for purchase online as they reopen to the general public this week. Since capacities will be limited, buying advance tickets online or becoming a member for reserved, timed entry is recommended. To ensure a safe environment for staff and guests, the venue will be implementing "6 Steps for a Safe and Healthy Visit." These steps are necessary as they carefully reshape the popular institution for the future. For information, go to thehenryford.org.