The Plumber: Handyman wants handy plumbing gift ideas

Ed Del Grande
Tribune News Service

 Hi Ed: I'm a pretty good home handyman, so good that even my friends call me often for advice. This holiday season I want to give some friends and family home-related gifts. Do you have any good ideas for some plumbing fixture gifts?

— Joey, Maine

Dear Joey: For a special treat, I put together a list of what makes a good plumbing gift.

First, you want an easy-to-install fixture. This way, nobody gets in over their head.

Second, don't break the bank. Keep it affordable; look for something under $200.

Showerheads featuring removable wireless speaker technology are a great holiday gift.

Third, make it fun!

You may be asking yourself, “What plumbing gift can do all that?”

I have three gift ideas that can fill the bill:

1. Specialty toilet seats

Toilet seats with night lights, anti-slam hinges and air-freshener features can make nice gifts.

2. Decorative wall-hung soap dispensers

This gift can work for a bathroom or kitchen.

3. Musical showerheads

A showerhead complete with removable wireless speaker technology can give your family and friends some good clean fun for the holidays.

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