The Plumber: Plumbing gifts that keep on giving

Ed Del Grande
Tribune News Service

 Dear Ed: Enjoyed your plumbing gift article for the holidays. Especially like the rules: affordable, easy install and fun. But I noticed the gifts like musical showerheads were bathroom-related. Any kitchen plumbing gift ideas I can research?

— Todd, Iowa

Dear Todd: Plumbing accessories can be fun gift choices. But my previously mentioned gifts were more bathroom-related, thanks for the catch. I've now come up with a few kitchen plumbing gift ideas to add to the holiday list.

1. Disinfecting wipes dispenser

These new stainless steel canisters look great on any kitchen countertop and can fit a standard 30-35 wipes inside.

This is a dedicated air dryer made especially for wine glasses.

2. Kitchen sink utility racks

Improve the work area with these adjustable sink racks that straddle the sink bowl. Soaking cups, towel dryers and temporary shelving are just a few features.

3. Wine glass drying racks

This is a dedicated air dryer made especially for wine glasses. Wash, rinse and hang the glasses right next to the sink for fresh party supplies.

I hope these additional kitchen gift suggestions help you cook up some good presents for the holidays.

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