Weekly winner 'Welcoming Waterfall'   has weddings in its future

Khristi Zimmeth
Special to The Detroit News

Lisa  Grobbel  of Shelby Township has three very good reasons for taking extra special care of the waterfall in her yard.

In September, it will be the site of the first of three sons’ weddings to happen in the next 18 months --  and all are hoping to take pictures with it. Grobbel’s husband built the waterfall 18 years ago.

"Welcoming Waterfall"

“It's been a labor of love each year with the landscape surrounding it,” she explains.  Staples include hosta, coral bells, ornamental grasses and forsythia; they also added impatiens, mums and other flowering plants for color.

“We've tried fish in the pond, but the raccoons feasted on them. So it's just our three Labrador retrievers' personal pond to cool off in,” she explains. The family emjoys  it too – “whether we are in our swinging hammocks by the waterfall or sitting on our deck, we love our view and the sound of the water.”

Grobbel will win a home or garden book for her photo, "Welcoming Waterfall" and be a finalist to win the grand prize at the end of the summer, a $200 gift card from contest sponsor English Gardens. To see the contest rules and enter your photos, go to