'Pollinators Welcome' this week's Garden Photo Contest winner

Khristi Zimmeth
Special to The Detroit News
'Pollinators Welcome'

Erin Carlesimo of Redford has been fascinated by bees since learning about them in college at Michigan State, where she studied animal behavior. But “not until recently did I ever consider actually becoming a backyard beekeeper,” she explained in an email about her photo, 'Pollinators Welcome.'

She turned to beekeeping three summers ago after going to a talk and struggling to get zucchini and cucumbers to grow, she says. She now keeps bees "for pollination, conservation, family honey and for the pure fascination and challenge of it,” she explains, adding “They are amazing animals.”

She surrounds her two hives with black-eyed Susans, purple cone flower, butterfly bush, swamp milkweed, common milkweed, Peegee hydrangea, Annabel hydrangea, climbing rose, multiple herbs, hosta, sedum and a variety of other flowers. She’ll win a home or garden book and be a finalist to win the grand prize, a $200 gift card from contest sponsor English Gardens at the end of the summer. To see the contest rules and enter your photos, go to detroitnews.com/gardenphotos2021.