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What's new for 2022 in home design, decor

By Jeanine Matlow
Special to The Detroit News

Home enhancements show no signs of slowing down. For any upgrades you plan to make in the near future, it helps to know your options. Now you can learn from the pros what’s new for 2022.

For the latest trends, Readly, the “all you can read” magazine app, partnered with interior design expert Jane Thomson. According to the digital subscription service, shelter magazines remain a popular source for inspiration when considering home improvements.   

“The pandemic has allowed us to see our spaces through a new lens. We now see our erstwhile domiciles as our sanctuaries if we didn’t before,” says Thomson in a press release. “My clients are all so much more aware of how their environment affects their moods, mental health, and even their relationships.”

Multifunctional rooms have become more prevalent. “COVID has forced us to shine a light into the deep, dark long-forgotten spaces in our abodes,” she adds. “The long-forgotten spare bedroom is no longer treated like the dumping ground for all things unwanted and has now become the hero and workhorse of our homes.”

Upcoming trends lean toward nostalgic and cozy with warm whites making a comeback. Pairings like rich buttery yellow with brown, brick red and aubergine are also on the rise. Expect to see more products with natural finishes like stone, wood and rattan, along with curvy profiles.

Feminine curves on furniture, tiles and light fixtures are soft on the eyes and a reminder of gentler times. Substantial hardware that makes a statement will make a splash in 2022. Natural products include stone coffee tables and wood feature walls to rattan cabinets, headboards and more. “It’s great for creating mood and sound absorption,” Thomson says.  

Customization has become more coveted. “Personalize your rooms for that special connection with yourself,” she says. “It’s so important in order to curate that beautiful home into a sanctuary…Be brave, be you. After all, it’s your home!”   

What’s cooking

Kitchens have taken on multiple roles, from restaurant to home office during these unprecedented times. Philips Domestic Appliances anticipates more evolutionary trends for 2022.

Tech that simplifies: Smart Sensing technology simplifies the cooking process by removing the uncertainty — ensuring your food is cooked just the way you like it. This feature automatically adjusts time and temperature settings throughout the process.

Air fryers have become a popular appliance for families seeking healthier options for dishes that still maintain their taste.

Embracing eco-design: As people continue to make greener choices, kitchen appliances are no exception. This includes better energy-efficiency, fewer resources and more recycled materials, reusable packaging and more.

Healthier indulgences: Product advances include Philips Premium Airfryers with fat removal technology that extracts and captures excess fat for healthier fried food that is as crispy as deep-fried with 90% less fat.

Clean slate

Hygiene remains a hot topic and a priority for bathroom renovations where ceramic fits the bill as it inhibits bacterial growth. Both Duravit and Ceramics of Italy tile manufacturers offer a variety of products to heighten hygiene in the bathroom.  

As biophilic design trends continue, bathrooms will feature more natural hues like green and blue along with wood tones in vanities and other accents. From sage and sky blue to almond and light oak brown, colors help to define a nature-inspired bathroom.

Nature-inspired bathrooms will be a popular option for 2022.

Inside out

The overarching trend for window treatments this year is back to basics — minimalist, natural and clean. Eden Morrison, a designer at Graber, a Springs Window Fashions company, shares her predictions for 2022.

Bring the Outdoors In: This year’s hottest interior design trend lets you enjoy the outdoors year-round with sheer or light-filtering materials like shades, or nature-inspired prints like botanicals.

Sustainable Materials: Solar shades can cut cooling costs and help reduce your carbon footprint. Renewable natural materials include bamboo, reeds, grass and jute. Sustainably-sourced wood shutters or blinds also add warmth to any room.

Wood blinds maintain their appeal as a functional window treatment that warms a space.

Less Is More: Minimalism can enhance the livability of a space — an important factor in this new work-from-home era. Shades with simple lines and motorized lifts create a crisp, modern look. Sheer shades and eco-solar options also fit this trend.

Work From Home: Calm, inviting spaces with great light control are key features of a home office that can benefit from natural, cellular and roller shades. To make the decision less daunting, the Graber Visualizer lets you experiment with selections by uploading a photo of your room to the free online tool.

Fine balance

For interior design trends that help people embrace a more balanced lifestyle in the new year, FrogTape brand painter’s tape teamed up with celebrity interior designer Taniya Nayak who feels hopeful that we will open our arms, our doors and our homes again in 2022, while still cherishing the special intimacies we rediscovered after being forced to slow down.

“The focus of the 2022 design trends is on balancing the best of both worlds, meaning they encourage spaces that are functional, but also make us feel good,” says Nayak in a press release. “These trends are about welcoming others and celebrating our individuality, all in the same space.” 

Here are the top five that will define the way we create and update our living spaces in 2022.

Embrace: “This trend is all about embracing everything that is good in your life,” says Nayak. “It’s the feeling of a hug, comfort, warmth, and security that it will all be okay.” Embellish an oversized sofa with a soft blanket and plenty of pillows. Incorporate cozy textures and paler palettes like mellow coral, subtle orange, soft green and creamy shades of white and brown in spaces like bedrooms or family rooms. For instance, you can paint a woven basket and fill it with blankets.

Rise: Give a fresh perspective to an existing space with distinctive details that invigorate and motivate. Nayak and the team at FrogTape suggest colors inspired by nature, like yellow daisies, blue skies, green grass and white snow. A fresh coat of yellow paint on your front door will make guests feel welcome.

Gather: Set the mood by painting a focal point like a fireplace with rich tones like navy, dark teal or forest green. Pull it all together with custom centerpieces dipped in paint or wrapped in twine. You can even create your own gameboards for guests.

Revive: Combine soothing and vibrant energy with shades of pink, orange and blue to create the perfect balance of motivated yet satisfied. Nayak recommends adding something that may seem out of context like painting a bold color on a tired nightstand. “This trend can be described as carefree, festive and fun, whether it’s with friends or by yourself,” she says. “Whatever it is that makes you happy…go for it!”

Shine: This concept encourages letting your true self shine through. This could mean embracing all the colors of the rainbow to create a Cinderella staircase or making your own wallpaper by taping off a custom pattern that is uniquely yours. It’s about being authentic and following your heart in your home decor.

Jeanine Matlow writes the Smart Solutions column in Homestyle. You can reach her at jeaninematlow@earthlink.net.