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$3 for 3 months. Save 90%.

Buy garden seeds now

Bob Dluzen
Special to The Detroit News

Garden seeds don’t last forever. Depending on the species, they will remain viable anywhere from just a year to over five years.

Every year during the off-season we take inventory of our garden seeds while planning for the upcoming planting season.

Look through your seeds and decide what you need to purchase before the selection gets tight.

It’s a good time to separate old, outdated seeds from those that are still usable. Usually we do that some time in February but signs are pointing to another squeeze in the availability of seeds so we moved up our schedule quite a bit earlier than usual. Good thing we did, because we found that we needed to replace more seeds than we originally were planning on.

Most of what we needed was available locally from a garden department of a big box store.  That was also a departure from our usual MO of purchasing via mail order, or nowadays online.

I think the store just set out the seed racks because all of the shelves were full, so we were able to get pretty much everything we needed -- plus all the seeds were on sale.

Inflation seems to have hit the garden seed market. When we got our purchase home, we noticed most of the packs contained noticeably fewer seeds. Some had less than half the number of seeds of what we’ve been used to seeing in past years. And these are from a well-known major seed company.

You may remember from one of my blog posts last winter I anticipated last year’s shortage. This year again I encourage you to buy your seeds and garden supplies as early as you can.

It might not be a bad idea to take part of your $600 stimulus check and invest it in your garden.

I also suggest you line up a garden spot soon. If you don’t have a backyard, contact community garden organizers to sign up for a plot or ask them to place you on their list.

We live in interesting times, so it’s prudent to make preparations now rather than later as we approach the planting season.