Samsung challenges Fitbit with $180 GPS fitness tracker

Anick Jesdanun
AP Technology Writer

New York – — Samsung is unveiling a new fitness tracker that aims to undercut gadgets from market leader Fitbit.

Beyond offering all-day step counting and automatic sleep tracking, the Gear Fit2 comes with GPS sensors for more accurate measuring of distance and pacing. GPS is typically limited to more expensive devices such as the Fitbit Surge. The Surge costs $250, while Fit2 will sell for $180 when it comes out this week.

The main drawback: The Fit2 won’t sync with iPhones, as Fitbits do.

Later this year, Samsung will release $200 Gear IconX earbuds for tracking exercise and heart rate.

While Samsung is the world’s fifth-largest maker of wearable devices, most of those are smartwatches, where fitness is an afterthought. Fitness is front and center in the new devices.