Today is Friday, April 15, 2016, and some beautiful weather is on tap for the weekend.

But there's a metaphorical dark cloud over the rest of Michigan that the government is taking a stand against. Under a new plan being introduced by Gov. Rick Snyder, Michigan would have the toughest lead-testing rules in the nation and require the replacement of all underground lead service pipes in the state.

The announcement comes after Detroit Public Schools water test results showed that 15 buildings have tested positive for high lead levels, including one where a drinking fountain recorded 100 times the allowable limit. As a result, the district is telling parents to get all children under the age of 6 tested for lead.

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Here's what else is making news today:

What a difference a mile makes

  • There's often a big difference in neighborhoods that fall in the outer ring suburbs and the city of Detroit just a mile away. But in Warren, those differences have become pronounced within the city itself after what some residents say has been years of neglect. Crime, poverty, unkempt rental homes and vacant or aging storefronts dot south Warren, while the northern section of the city thrives with cleaner neighborhoods, big-box retailers and companies such as General Motors investing millions of dollars in new developments. 

Drive-through shooting

Some real talk

A Springsteen surprise 

Weekend fun

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