News@noon: Trump train, counterfeit lap dance

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Today is Wednesday, May 18, 2016 and Detroit Public Schools interim emergency manager Steven Rhodes is meeting with the district’s elected school board for the first time today. After initially refusing to meet with the board, and then agreeing, only if it were private, he then changed his mind and agreed to the open meeting.

Detroit Public Schools interim emergency manager Steven Rhodes will meet with the district’s elected school board at 9 a.m. Wednesday. It will be held at the Frederick Douglass Academy for Young Men, 2001 W. Warren.

In addition to debt talks, the DPS bribery scandal is continuing to make it's way through court. Today, one former principal fired his attorney moments before he was scheduled to plead guilty and take a plea deal for his alleged role in a $2.7 million bribery and kickback scheme at the district.

So the question of the day is: What needs to be done to clean up DPS? Are things on the right track? Let us know in the comments or by tweeting us @detroitnews.

Here's what else is making news today:

The Trump train is coming to Michigan

Finally a good sign

Tigers pitcher Shane Greene congratulates Kyle Ryan after Ryan pitched in the sixth inning. Ryan pitched 1 2/3 hitless innings with one strikeout.

Getting ahead of concussions

Flint accountability 

A failed system?

  • Was Junior Pepper failed by the criminal justice system? When the 1-year-old died a year ago, Scott Jurewicz immediately became a suspect, said police. Jurewicz, who was dating Junior’s mother, was already under investigation in the death of another infant. As Francis Donnelly explains, Jurewicz, 28, was eventually charged in the earlier case, but it was too late for Junior. The arrest came one day after Junior’s death.


A counterfeit lap dance 

Reaching for the stars, landing on Mars

  • Humans could set foot on Mars within decades if they wanted to, according to the German astronaut who has been tapped to become his country’s first commander of the International Space Station. Alexander Gerst, the 40-year-old volcanologist — an expert on volcanos, not the planet Vulcan from Star Trek — is scheduled to take command of the space station in May 2018, four years after his first mission.

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