Michigan moving to settle unemployment false fraud lawsuit, setting aside $20M

News@noon: Mom testifies in mauling, remembrances

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Today is Monday, June 6, 2016, and with Zika virus raging in Brazil, some Michigan athletes are questioning the dangers of participating in the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. With the opening ceremony just two months away and the country also dealing with political strife, pollution problems and construction delays, do you think it would be wise for athletes to skip the Olympics? Let us know your opinion in the comments or by tweeting us @detroitnews.

Here's what else is making news today:

A man who rushed toward the taped-off crime scene calls out, “Where’s my nephew? Where’s my nephew?” before becoming faint and getting checked by medical personnel Monday morning at the scene of a triple fatal shooting on the 6500 block of Brace in Detroit.

Shooting in Detroit

Pit bull mauling

  • The mother of a 4-year-old boy killed by a pack of pit bulls last December is the first witness to take the stand Monday in the criminal trial of the dogs’ owner. Lucillie Strickland was walking with her 4-year-old son, Xavier Strickland, when he was pulled from her hands by three of the dogs and dragged to the animals’ backyard where a fourth dog joined in the fatal mauling.

Mourning the Champ

Remembering the landing

Searching for truth

  • The Innocence Clinic at University of Michigan law school is raising questions about a Detroit murder conviction back in 1992.
  • Lawyers last week asked a judge to order an examination of the bullets that were removed from the victim, Gerry Bennett. They believe the bullets could not have been fired from a gun linked to Desmond Ricks, and they have experts on their side.

Soccer for all

Top Soccer coach Thomas Perry celebrates with player Quinn Cummings during the game.

  • Every child should be able to experience the joys of playing on a team and TOPSoccer is doing just that. It's a community-based program for young athletes with disabilities, organized by youth soccer association volunteers in Clawson. Organizers say the program, which has a handful of teams statewide, is designed to bring the opportunity of learning and playing soccer to any boy or girl who has a mental or physical disability.

Kanye causes chaos

  • All it took was a tweet from Kanye West about a surprise pop-up show at 2 a.m. and chaos broke lose. More than 4,000 fans swarmed the hall where the concert was supposed to take place (it only holds 1,500 people). They climbed on top of cars, Dumpsters and scaffolding and hung out of windows hoping to get a better view. But they were all sorely disappointed

It happens to the best of us

Tigers bounce back

RIP to a friend

This undated photo provided by NPR shows Zabihullah Tamanna, left, and David Gilkey. Gilkey, a veteran news photographer and video editor for National Public Radio, and Tamanna, an Afghan translator, were killed while on assignment in southern Afghanistan on Sunday

  • We need to take a moment to tell you about David Gilkey. He was a former Detroit Free Press photographer who was killed Sunday while working in Afghanistan for NPR. Also killed in the ambush was Afghan journalist Zabihullah Tamanna. Today, many of us here are remembering our colleague. 

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