News@noon: Trump in Detroit; Beyonce steals the show

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Today is Monday, Aug. 29, 2016, and EpiPen has been in the news lately as drug manufacturer Mylan continues to jack up the price of the life-saving drug. But now, Mylan has announced it will soon offer a generic version of EpiPen that will cost about half of what it costs to get a branded EpiPen.

That sounds great, but it will still cost $300 to get the generic version of the drug that helps with severe allergic reactions. So the question today is, is Mylan doing enough to make the drug available? Let us know what you think.

Here's what else is making news today:

Preparing for Trump

  • A Detroit pastor will interview Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump on Saturday on his nationally syndicated Christian broadcasting network as part of Trump’s effort to appeal to African-American voters. Bishop Wayne T. Jackson will host Trump for an interview beginning at 11 a.m. Saturday on the Impact Network in front of his Great Faith Ministries International congregation, according to a statement the Trump campaign released late Sunday night.


  • Michigan Democrats and Republicans are both stressing the importance of supporting their presidential nominees as a way of bolstering their other statewide candidates in the Nov. 8 election — with the controversial exception of GOP Gov. Rick Snyder. When the parties met over the weekend to choose nominees for statewide positions on the bottom of the ballot, Snyder was notably silent on the presidential race, making no mention of the New York businessman in his five-minute convention speech.
  • In the meantime, Donald Trump’s campaign is making its biggest ad buy to date, with plans to spend upward of $10 million on commercials airing over the next week or so.

Pugh back in court

  • Former Detroit City Council president and broadcast journalist Charles Pugh has had a new bond request denied. Pugh’s defense attorney has been trying to get his $150,000 cash bond lowered so that he can be free while he awaits trial on criminal sexual conduct charges.

What happened out there?

  • Both Lions and Tigers fans were groaning yesterday as both teams gave a poor showing. 
  • The Lions followed up their dismal home effort against the Cincinnati Bengals last weekend with an even flatter showing on the road against the Baltimore Ravens, a 30-9 drubbing. Through two quarters, the Lions racked up more penalties (eight) than points (six). And for the third consecutive week, the offense squandered red-zone opportunities at an incomprehensible rate, looking impressively futile while doing it.

Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford looks back towards the bench late in the second quarter.

Arrested for a third time

  • Keith Appling, the former Michigan State and Detroit Pershing basketball star, was arrested for the third time this year on a gun charge Sunday night on Detroit’s east side. Appling allegedly fled police after they stopped his car and smelled marijuana. According to reports, while driving away, Appling tossed a bag out the window containing a loaded firearm. He was soon apprehended. 

VMA's Queen Bey

  •  Beyonce owned the MTV Video Music Awards — like she did in 2014 — with a 16-minute performance featuring her recent hits from “Lemonade,” working various stages with strong, layered vocals, skilled dance moves and even an outfit change — all as the audience watched in awe and cheered her on. As music critic Adam Graham points out, the VMAs basically turned into a Beyonce performance and offered little else. 

Beyonce and her daughter Blue Ivy, left,  arrive for the MTV Video Music Awards at Madison Square Garden.

Miked Up with Bob Lutz

  • This week, the Mikes spend some time chatting with former Ford, GM and Chrysler executive Bob Lutz. They talk about his extensive automotive career, Tesla and the future of the auto industry. Listen in

'Linda Green' robo-signer

  • The only person jailed in connection with a foreclosure forgery scandal that swept through Michigan and the rest of the country after the collapse of the housing bubble spends her days confined to the Women’s Huron Valley Correctional Facility in Pittsfield Township. But not for long.

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