News@noon: 115 years of racing; Trump unshackled

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Today is Tuesday, Oct. 11, 2016, and U.S. citizens who wish to exercise their political rights and vote in the Nov. 8 election must register to vote by the end of the day.

While Republican candidate Donald Trump and Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton receive the most attention as they campaign to be U.S. president, four other third-party candidates also are running for the nation’s highest office.

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump

Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson, Green Party candidate Jill Stein, socialist candidate Emidio Mimi Soltysik — who is running on the Natural Law Party ticket — and the Constitution Party’s Darrell Castle — who is running on the U.S. Taxpayers ticket — will also be presidential options on the Nov. 8 ballot.

And of course, there are going to be a slew of local races and ballot initiatives, so make sure to check out the Secretary of State's website to preview your ballot and get familiar with the issues.

Here's what else we are covering today:

On the campaign trail

  • Four weeks before Election Day, Donald Trump battled on Tuesday to keep the Republican Party in line, leveling fresh criticism at GOP House Speaker Paul Ryan for effectively abandoning hopes of Trump winning the White House. The GOP nominee said — inaccurately — that every poll declared him the winner of the weekend’s second presidential debate against Democrat Hillary Clinton.
  • He added, however, that he was being held back by Ryan and other congressional Republicans who are stepping away from him in hopes of keeping their congressional majorities. His tweet: “It is so nice that the shackles have been taken off me and I can now fight for America the way I want to.”
  • As for that video from 11 years ago, on Facebook and Twitter, on the phone and on the job, from living rooms to hair salons, Donald Trump’s “Grab ‘em by the p----” comment has unleashed a tsunami of stories from women sharing painful memories of sexual assaults. But while the comments may have disgusted women  — and men — it isn't likely to sway the election at all. Not even evangelical voters
  • And Trump has vowed to continue to attack Hillary Clinton over her husband's marital transgressions if more of his own past comments are made public in the final month of the campaign. “If they want to release more tapes saying inappropriate things, we’ll continue to talk about Bill and Hillary Clinton doing inappropriate things,” Trump said Monday at a rally in Ambridge, Pennsylvania.
  • Clinton, fresh off a campaign stop in Detroit, pledged more tax relief for families with young kids, announcing a plan today to double the Child Tax Credit and to increase the amount that low-income families could get back in refunds.

Hip Hop Shop shooting

  • Detroit’s Hip Hop Shop, made famous by shoutouts from Eminem and other local rappers and depicted in the movie “8 Mile,” was the scene of a fatal shooting yesterday afternoon, police said.

Red Wings return

Win on Sunday, sell on Monday

Edsel Ford II is seen with the LeMans winning Ford GT race car and Henry Ford’s 1901 Sweepstakes race car.

  • Yesterday, Ford fired up a replica of the 1901 Sweepstakes two-cylinder, 8.2-liter engine racer that put Ford racing on the map. It was part of an event celebrating the company's 115 years of racing and also featured the 2016 LeMans-winning GT at the Henry Ford in Dearborn. Henry Payne was there to report. 

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