News@noon: The best bachelor party; shapely houses

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Today is Friday, Oct. 28, 2016, and MSU fans are getting worried. UM fans on the other hand.... they can't wait.

When the Wolverines and Spartans play at high noon Saturday, it will be a tale of two schools hurtling in opposite directions. Michigan is 7-0 and ranked second in the nation. Michigan State is 2-5 and floundering.

2004: Michigan receiver Braylon Edwards leaps for the ball during UM's  45-37 overtime win over previously unbeaten MSU.

To quote Bob Wojnowski in his latest column: "  Michigan State inexplicably has assumed a non-competitive stance, hands strategically protecting the groin, like soccer players defending a free kick."

Will it be that bad? Or will it be a competition? Let us know what you think in the comments section or tweet us @detroitnews.

Here's what else we are working on today:

No 'easy path to fraud'

  • Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump says the election is "rigged." Michigan's elections designer says that'd be tough to do in this state. Chris Thomas has been at the forefront of designing and fine-tuning how Michiganians vote in elections as the state’s elections director for the past 35 years. “I don’t really know how I would do it,” he said. “I don’t see any easy path to doing a fraud that would make a difference in an outcome of an election.”

Cash advantage

  • Donald Trump’s campaign is downplaying new federal filings that show Hillary Clinton with an $85 million cash advantage in the final stretch of the campaign. Trump’s message matters more than “dollars and cents,” running mate Mike Pence said Friday.
  • Pence said Friday it’s up to Trump to decide if he wants to plunge more of his personal fortune into the campaign. The latest contribution reports, up to date as of Wednesday, show he had given only about $33,000 this month — far short of the $2 million he typically gives.
  • Trump had a campaign rally in Toledo yesterday, where he ripped double-digit Affordable Care Act premium increases, political corruption and international trade agreements. Ohio is a key swing state, and he predicted he will win “a lot bigger than people even understand.”
  • Also yesterday, a close call for Pence as his campaign plane slid off a runway during a rainstorm at New York’s LaGuardia Airport, tearing up two tracks of concrete before coming to rest on a patch of grass.

A shapely house

The historic Loren Andrus Octagon House in Washington Township.

Flipping the tech script

  • Pete Karmanos Jr. is at it again. The tech mogul who moved his Compuware Corp. to downtown Detroit long before it was cool now is heading to Pontiac. That’s where the MadDog Technology firm he co-founded said Thursday it is moving three of its companies and 52 new jobs.

Movies, music and more

The best bachelor party

  • A group of men from Michigan have returned from a bachelor party in Tennessee with a stray dog and her litter of puppies in tow. Each of the men took one of the puppies, whom they named Brimmie, Rosie, Daisy, Knox, Gunner, Bear and Finn. The groom's grandparents took the mother as well as a puppy.

New dog owners, from left, Jake Rowe holding Knox, Joe Gruber and Bear, Alex Manchester and Rosie, Doug Craddock with Annie, Mitchel Craddock holding Brimmie, Brent Witters holding Finn and Dexter Jennings and Gunner.

Smokin' hot

  • Fiat Chrysler’s all-new, 2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio Verde (or QV for short) clocked a blistering 7-minute, 32-second lap around the hallowed Nurburgring race track this fall to claim the fastest lap ever recorded by a four-door sedan. Not bad for a car that doubles as a daily driver. 

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