News@noon: Bitter Wolverines; showdown in Macomb

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Today is Monday, Nov. 28, 2016, and it's that time! Today, the Detroit Goodfellows are out selling newspapers for charity. Buy one and help make sure that every kid can have a Christmas.

The Detroit Goodfellows are selling newspapers for charity Monday, November 28, 2016.

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What could have been

Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh shows his displeasure with a personal foul call against the Wolverines that nullified a big gain by RB De'Veon Smith late in the third quarter.

Election redux

  • President-elect Donald Trump is claiming, without evidence, that millions of people voted illegally in the election he won, issuing the baseless claim as part of his angry response to a recount effort led by the Green Party and joined by Hillary Clinton’s campaign.
  • One of those places being targeted by Stein is Michigan, where she has almost reached her goal to pay for a hand recount. 
  • Stein has hired former Michigan Democratic Party chairman Mark Brewer as her attorney in the recount. She says she plans to file her request by Wednesday’s recount deadline.

Teacher retirement on the line

  • Republican lawmakers could be headed next month for a showdown with public-sector unions about how to ensure the financial stability of school teachers’ retirement health care costs.
  • In the lame-duck session that is scheduled to begin Tuesday, Senate Majority Leader Arlan Meekhof may pursue a proposal to switch future public teacher and local government employees’ retirement health plans to 401(k)-style or defined-contribution plans that would be less costly for the state.

Showdown in Macomb

The Kmart scar

Sears Holdings Corp., which runs Sears, Sears Auto Center and Kmart stores across the country, will be shuttering 107 locations and laying off 5,457 workers across the country. The Flint Kmart was designated to be closed earlier this year.

  • While defunct Kmarts in Bloomfield Hills, Woodhaven and other Metro Detroit cities have been resurrected as new enterprises, many vacant Kmart buildings pepper the region. The very nature of the aging buildings, often massive structures tailor-made to house Kmarts, makes them hard to fill with other retail. Here's what some cities are doing to help.

Holiday shopping 

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